26 April 2021 - Minister of Agriculture Le Minh Hoan emphasized Vietnam's remarkable progress in transforming agriculture production to be sustainable and contribute to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the 1st Round Table of the Ministerial Policy Dialogues on Transition to Sustainable Agriculture Conference of Agriculture at COP26. 

To support Vietnam in the transformation to low-carbon rice production as part of its NDC, IRRI, with support from CCAFS and the CCAC, works to help the government build a climate-smart rice sector and achieve its NDC targets. 

A toolbox has been built consisting of tools, guidelines, and templates to advance the work of monitoring, reporting, and verification of GHG calculation along the rice value chain. It is provided in form of an accessible and interactive platform which enables users to access the suitable tools/templates/guidelines according to their purposes. Part of the tools and guidelines are developed for use of the private sector while others mainly support governments in decision making and planning.

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