Measurement approaches

Automated chamber systems

Automated chamber systems are useful tools in the investigation of soil-atmosphere trace gas exchange and its response to changes in the environmental conditions. Since monitoring takes place  ... Learn more

Eddy covariance

The eddy covariance (EC) system is an effective tool that IRRI uses in ensuring that the mitigation and adaptation options that the institute develops to minimize the impacts of climate change on rice ... Learn more

Manual chamber method

The closed chamber method is a widely used technique in quantifying greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). In fact, more than 95% of published emission studies used this method. This approach is low cost and can be implemented ... Learn more

GHG Calculator

Greenhouse gas (GHG) assessment calculators have been created for a number of reasons, such as raising awareness to GHG emissions, reporting GHG emissions, project evaluation for change in GHG emissions, and market and product oriented ... Learn more

Measurement guidelines

These guidelines were commissioned by the Secretariat of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan through the international research  ... Learn more

Photo-acoustic spectroscopy

A photo-acoustic field gas monitor from Lumasense™ Technologies – INNOVA 1412i has been used for agricultural air monitoring studies including measurements of N2O, CO2, and NH3, in maize and ... Learn more