GHG questionnaire for farmers and service providers

The verification of GHG emissions reduction in rice production requires the monitoring of cultivation and post-harvest practices. A questionnaire is template is designed for use of farmers and post-harvest service providers to keep track of production activities and data. It consists of two parts: Part A for farmers and Part B for Service providers. The former asks for information at field level, including (a) Sowing; (b) Fertilizer and organic amendments; (c) Water management; (d) Harvesting and post-harvest management; and (d) Yield. The latter collects data on milling, transportation, and packaging of paddy and rice products. Data is entered into a tool (SECTOR) to calculate the GHG emissions during the entire production process, as well as for building a database that allows unambiguous identification of participating rice farms.

This template allows farmers and service providers to document their practices and provide evidence for following the recommendations to reduce GHG emissions. Based on this information, project proponents or producers can assure that the reference fields or products are produced in a conservative manner with respect to methane emissions.