Greenhouse Gas Calculator for Cropland

Source-selective and Emission-adjusted GHG CalculaTOR for Cropland – SECTOR is a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Calculator for cropland based on the IPCC Tier 2 approach. This tool is presently available in Excel and a web-based version and requires inputs from the user on cropping area, yield, and management practices. SECTOR has been developed in response to increasing interest in mitigation studies in cropland, in particular rice production.

The tool offers a high range of flexibility in terms of sourcing emission and activity data as well as selecting a range of scales for aggregation. Moreover, SECTOR provides a streamlined framework for accelerated data input that will facilitate rapid assessments of multiple scenarios for domains with many spatial units.

Components of the tool

How does it work?

This spreadsheet tool is available with a Graphics User Interface (GUI) and – as other GHG Calculators -- requires inputs from the user on crop areas, yields and management. SECTOR also comprises an ‘Emissions Library’ that provides IPCC values and facilitates the incorporation of new data, e.g. from new field experiments, to calculate emissions across different scales.

The new version of SECTOR (v2.0) allows users to define hundreds of practices and estimate GHG for thousands of land units in one run. The tool has a dynamic design, allowing users to apply estimations with different scenarios. The spatial resolution will depend on the input data ranging from individual farms to upscaling emissions at national scale.

SECTOR Tool Brochure

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