Greenhouse Gas Calculator for Rice

Source-selective and Emission-adjusted GHG CalculaTOR for Cropland – SECTOR is a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Calculator for cropland based on the IPCC Tier 2 approach. This tool is presently available in Excel and requires inputs from the user on cropping area, yield, and management practices. SECTOR has been developed in response to increasing interest in mitigation studies in cropland, in particular rice production.

The tool offers a high range of flexibility in terms of sourcing emission and activity data as well as selecting a range of scales for aggregation. Moreover, SECTOR provides a streamlined framework for accelerated data input that will facilitate rapid assessments of multiple scenarios for domains with many spatial units.

How does it work?

Chambers are arranged in pairs that close and open simultaneously with pressurized air applied to the lids, and gas samples are taken sequentially from all chambers. Within each measurement cycle, this procedure is repeated once per chamber block of the system. Monitoring takes place quasi-continuously with several measurements recorded daily. Gas chromatographs (ECD and FID detectors) are used to investigate N2O, CH4, and CO2. In addition, a set of probes measures continuously environmental parameters–for instance, soil temperature, soil moisture at different soil depths and precipitation. Data are stored by data logging modules.

Chambers closing period and gas sampling temporal sequence–as well as the size and shape of the chambers–depend on the investigated ecosystem and the trace gasses of interest.