The RiceMoRe tool is built to advance the work of monitoring and planning rice production at central and local agriculture offices. It assists in collecting and reporting data on rice cultivation progress on weekly, seasonal, and annum bases.

Built on the Microsoft Excel platform using the Open Source MapWinGIS library, the tool is user-friendly and can easily be operated by agriculture officials at commune, district, and province levels. It also standardizes the reporting template from the district level to provincial and ecological region levels. The outputs of the tool can be used for various reporting purposes. 

RiceMoRe enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of data management and reporting, which contributes significantly to informing climate-responsive action planning and decision-making. 

How does it work?

RiceMoRe consists of two Excel-based tools, namely RiceMo1 and RiceMo2. The former is for data management and reporting at district level; while the latter is operated at provincial and higher levels to consolidate data from lower level and generate summary reports of production progress. This tool integrates data management with a Geographic Information System (GIS) component to assist in mapping and illustrating production progress at the details upto commune level.

Access the tool: