CF Rice

CF Rice is a newly developed C-Footprint calculator incorporates the IPCC guidelines alongside with default values of individual stages of the value chain derived from the literature. Based on the new definition of food losses as ‘latent C-Footprint’, the tool presents a coherent concept distinguishing between (i) yield-scaled C-Footprint and (ii) product-scaled C-Footprint which is composed of yield-scaled plus latent C-Footprint.

How does it work?

The CF-Rice tool encompasses a spreadsheet model with default values of partial C-Footprints of individual stages of the value chain as well as the necessary equations for a rice mass balance followed by C-Footprint assessment. The default values for calculating CH4 and N2O emissions from flooded fields and fertilizer application, respectively, have been derived from the most recent IPCC guidelines. The tool also adopts data from previous studies and other calculation tools.

The download of CF-Rice cases comes with a sample questionnaire tailored for acquiring technical data on the rice value chain from farmers and service providers. Then, CF-Rice will automatically calculate partial C-Footprints as well as the total value for the entire value chain. The design of CF-Rice facilitates parallel assessments of C-Footprints under product-specific settings as well as technological alternatives for conventional (‘upper range’) and mitigation-conform rice production (‘lower range’). At the same time, the user has the option of adding other empirical values to those defaults.


  • The tool and user manual will be available for download soon.