Pesticides Sprayer

Excessive use of agrochemicals is harmful to environment and health of the people. Using pesticide is a cause of surface and ground water contamination as well as increase number of resistant pests and destroying the agro-ecosystem. Using pesticides safely depends on many things; one of the important factors is selecting the spraying method. In developing countries, in small-scale farms, pesticide application efficiency is generally low with high levels of occupational exposure to pesticides as most of the spray application equipment are still hand-held and often manually operated equipment.

Motorized equipment with adjustable boom sprayers attached to 3 or 4-wheels carriage can meet the requirements directives requirements and the innovation in pesticide application and will enable farmers to adopt devices to reduce spray drift, residual pesticides and establishing adequate buffer zones. With such modification to use boom sprayer in small-scale fields, precision agriculture is therefore coming to the developing countries.

With the dramatic increase of the pesticide use over the last decades, using the proposed machine can improve the operator safety during pesticide application with accurately and uniformly spraying. In small-scale farms, the sprayer with its components (tank, transfer system, flow meter, sprayer pumps, boom, and nozzle) should be attached to a carriage that can give farmers possibility to use the sprayers in different field condition with different crops. IRRI in Bangladesh has attached the sprayer with a locally made 3-wheeler carriage with different wheels to work in rice fields as well as dry fields and with low/high clearance to spray in different crop heights.

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