1 Must Do, 5 Reductions

One must do, five reductions is a technology package that was developed during the Phase IV of the Irrigated Rice Research Consortium (IRRC) and promoted by the Agricultural Competitiveness Project (ACP) of the World Bank. The ACP was extended to the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam in November of 2012 and has since been widely adopted by local farmers. The ‘one must do’ of the project is to buy certified seeds and the ‘five reductions’ are reductions in seed, nitrogen application, pesticide use, water use, and postharvest losses. Although this technology package is predominantly in Vietnam at the moment, it has the potential to be adopted outside of Vietnam.

The advantages of one must do, five reductions are in both climate change adaptation and mitigation. Adaptation to climate change can be addressed through the selection of certified seeds which are site-specific to the stresses present in each area. Mitigation to climate change can be accomplished through the five reductions of the technology package. Specifically, the largest mitigations can be achieved through reduced consumption of nitrogen fertilizer and chemical pesticides because the industrial processing of these inputs results in the production of greenhouse gas emissions.

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                  Natural enemy and pest sampling in Thoai Saon, An Giang, Vietnam.                  Photo: V. Quynh/IAE